About Me


Hi, friends! Welcome to Fit Diary! My name is Tina. I am a fitness enthusiast and very passionate about a healthy lifestyle. Through Fit Diary blog I have a desire to help people discover a healthier relationship with food and fitness, help them lose weight and feel better. As a former university teacher, I am also obsessed with studying the human health and body.

I gave up my university teaching career since my husband and I moved to Canada from Ukraine back in 2014. Soon after, I started pursuing my dream of creating a healing journey with healthy living through food, activity, and weight loss techniques that work.

I like learning nutrition and fitness researches as they relate to healthy living. I am very curious about weight loss as it is a huge problem of modern society and in the past, it was my problem, too.

I have always been interested in various sorts of popular diets and methods for weight loss. Some of those diets I tried on myself and only felt miserable, weak and more confused. But despite all of that, I have gotten a good experience that shoved me very clear not to recommend using any of those stupid diets for you, my readers. Our choice – just healthy, delicious, balanced meal!

In my life, I also have been trying a different kind of exercises: from Pilates and aerobics to running. And finally, I came up with my favorite and the best for fat loss – high rep static training and weight training. You probably heard about the second one many times, but the first one you will learn on this blog with me in details. I hope you’re going to love it as well.


I won’t tell you, friends, about my crazy experience with many starvation diets in my youthfulness. Anyway, all I lost was just my wonderful time, and unfortunately, some lean muscles. In addition to, I regained all of the weight that I lost within some time. :=(

Since then, I still was kind of a chubby girl… At some point, I decided to learn more about weight loss. I can say it was the first step to my health and wellness journey.

I began going to a gym from time to time (when wasn’t too busy with my master thesis). Most of my exercises were cardio and/or aerobics. Luckily, I knew enough about nutrition, so I could lose some weight but also lost muscle along with some fat.

What I got was not a really good result that would satisfy me. I didn’t like how my body looked. Yes, I looked pretty slender, but still had a big percentage of body fat, felt weakly and hated all cardio machines)) Moreover, after doing that sort of exercises I couldn’t wait to get to my lunch box…

My Healthy Living Starts Here

During all that time I hadn’t stopped studying fitness and nutrition through fitness magazines, books, and online sources. Finally, I found what I was looking for! Starting my high rep static training along with weight training and changing a meal plan I’ve gotten healthy relationships with food and my body. I’ve become strong enough, had more energy, burnt fat, felt wonderful and looked much better. With a complete lifestyle change, I have lost more than 30 pounds. Some of the changes you see in my pictures.

I’ve forgotten about feeling hungry, tasteless food and desiring of a big piece of cake! I enjoy eating natural, delicious, and full of nutritious meal that supports my health and fitness lifestyle. I love working out in the gym, lose fat and build muscles, helping my body to get stronger.



I hope my work doesn’t have to be lost. There are other people out there with the same problems I had, who could benefit from my experience. My life has truly changed, and I’ve made it my mission to start this blog as a way for me openly and passionately share all of the knowledge and strategies with you.

I am going to share my best healthy and yet, tasty recipes here on this website along with fitness and weight loss articles to motivate you to become a better version of yourself. I’ve fallen in love with this healthful lifestyle and really want you all to get the same feeling and live your happier life!

Fit Diary has created on the grounds of scientific researches, own experiments, and recommendations of many people who are pros in fitness and nutrition.

I will never stop on my aspiration in knowledge in fitness and nutrition, human health and wellness. I study and grow every day, and who knows what is the next goal in my life… Really believe it is a nutrition science!

Thank you for being here. I genuinely appreciate it and look forward to seeing you on this blog again!